Playa Miguel Live Cam

Tourist complex right on the sea front, in the heart of de Costa del Sol

Live webcam Playa-Miguel, Torremolinos, Málaga - Spain


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  • Playa Miguel Beach Club
  • C/ Mar num.3, 29620 - Torremolinos
  • Málaga - Spain
  • 952 37 45 81

Seafront of Carihuela - Torremolinos

12 km from Málaga capital and forming part of its bay, with nearly 7 km of coastline, Torremolinos lies right in the heart of de Costa del Sol. Torremolinos lies right in the heart of de Costa del Sol. Torremolinos offers visitors, practically all year round, the possibility of bathing in the warm crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with the best facilities, medical attention, comfort and, in short, amusement and leisure. Calle San Miguel is beyond all doubt the heart of Torremolinos. Strolling along it , it is so easy to be caught up by that cosmopolitan and singular atmosphere that has made it so well-known.

With establishments of all kinds, visited by public all year round, it is, without any doubt, the great showcase of Torremolinos and, probably, the best example of the constant collaboration between the City Council and the everyday entrepreneur. Torremolinos holds annual music festivals which are already a national and international benchmark. Some examples are the Freedom Festival and the Rockin' Race Jamboree. The Principe de Asturias Municipal Auditorium is one of the largest in Andalusia. Equipped with sound equipment and lights for all kinds of music concerts, ballet, plays and all types of popular and cultural events.

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