Barcelona Live Cam

Located in a corner of George Orwell Square


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  • Bar Oviso
  • Carrer de n'Arai, nº5
  • 08002 Barcelona - Spain
  • +34637589269

Barcelona Gothic District

The iconic Oviso Bar is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona City, where 2 such important streets as Avinyó and Escudellers meet, in the unique George Orwell Square. Perhaps because it is located in the heart of Barcelona, Bar Oviso is a benchmark both for those who live in the neighborhood and for those who are passing through.

Since it opened its doors, more than 25 years ago, it has received an audience looking for a cozy and nice town bar atmosphere to have a good coffee as well as share a few drinks with friends or taste any of the dishes from its very varied menu. Good times are the common goal, regardless of who you are. That is the plurality that makes us special. This is our starting point, so you already know how you can get there.

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