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Sniff Dog Hotel | PlayRoom
● 1828 NW Raleigh Street | Portland | Oregon | USA
● Phone: (503) 208-2366

Sniff Dog Hotel is an urban retreat and getaway destination in dog-restrictive where friendly, non-aggressive, socialized dogs are able to play 'n stay safely in a healthy, happy, comfortable, clean and nurturing indoor/outdoor environment.

While your dog is at Sniff. You are welcome to sniff out our dog reference and video library, and may borrow the best books on training, health care, and nutrition.

Come meal time, we serve your dog’s food at the same hour it normally eats, and supply a premium quality dry food for those guests that do not bring their own products from home. There’s always a steady stream of purified, filtered water to drink, and pleasant, aromatherapy-scented cool air to breathe from our climate control system.

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