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Poi Dogs Day Care | Angle 4
● 942 Kawaiahao St. | Honolulu | Hawaii | USA
● Phone: 808-536-4443

Lights are out at 10:00, and at 5:30 the next morning we’ll get up and start all over again. If your dogs are weekend guests, they’ll spend their stay lounging and playing in our generous backyard. Where your dogs can become puppys again.

Is the facility truly functional for the dogs, or it is more geared to be “eye candy” for the owners? Canine needs and human needs differ. Much marketing is aimed towards what we think the humans will respond to, rather than what the dog really requires.

Dogs are wonderful, loyal members of our families. Please choose a doggie day care with the same thoughtfulness you would use in selecting a babysitter or school for your children.

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