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Maximilian Schnauzer | Angle 2
● 1075 Wynn St | Sanford | Florida | USA
● Phone: 407-330-2515

Miniature Schnauzers are between 12 - 20 pounds. Toy Schnauzers are between 6 - 10 pounds. Teacup Schnauzers are anything under 6 pounds. We guarantee the puppy against fatal viruses for 72 hours. These include, Distemper, Parvo and Corona. It does not include Coccidia and Kennel Cough which are common in pups that are shipped and usually caused by bacteria or stress.

Kennel Cough is self limiting and like the common cold, it must run its course. Full recovery is expected and Kennel Cough on its own is not life threatening.

This puppy is guaranteed for 3 years from purchase against fatal and life altering congenital and genetic disease which adversely affects the health of the animal.

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