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Life of Riley | Indoor Webcam
● 7326 Westmore Road | Suite B, Rockville | Maryland | USA
● Phone: (240) 428-4952

Free Initial Consultation – available 7 days a week. This gives us the chance to get to know you and your pet; to understand your pet’s routine and to give your pet the most professional service possible. Whatever your pet needs during his/her time with us will be recorded and adapted into our tailor-made service for him or her.

All service types include treats, cuddles, love, play and if necessary, administering the medication you provide.

Private Dog Walking. This service is a private walk with your dog/dogs only. Your dog(s) will be taken on a safety leash to the nearest dog friendly green space so as we can maximize the time outdoors to sniff about and have fun. Water and treats will be provided, if required, and you can rest assured your dog’s water bowl will be refilled before we leave your home.

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