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Karnik | Toledo Angle 1
● 2921 Fairbanks Ave. | Toledo | Ohio | USA
● Phone: (419) 841-7815

For our feline friends, we offer scenic condos in a beautiful, home-like setting. We provide food (both wet and dry), bedding, bowls, litter, litter box and of course - lots of love and attention! Kitties enjoy their choice of suites. Each location differs so please click on the location your interested in for exact sizes available.

Doggie daycare takes care of your furry friend during the day for many different reasons: Your pet needs a fun place to play while you're shopping or at work; Workmen are at your home and Fido can't play with them or maybe, your best friend needs a little help making friends with other dogs.

Doggie daycare is the answer! Bring your dog in for a fun-filled day at Karnik Pet Lodges. We offer two types of Daycare: Individual or Group. Individual daycare is for those dogs that are better friends with humans than with other dogs.

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