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Karnik | Ann Arbor Angle 4
● 405 N. Maple Road | Ann Arbor | Michigan | USA
● Phone: (734) 327-6945

They are 4' by 4' on the inside with 4' x 12' covered patios on the outside. This is our country location and has large grass play yards for your dog. At our Central Avenue location, our suites are similar to Fallen Timbers, but are protected from inclement weather by a building that spans over them. This building provides an abundance of natural light, weather protection, indoor plants and covers our doggie daycare area.

At our Maple Village location, we offer suites unlike anything currently offered in the country. The suites are 6' by 8' with NO chainlink, bars, wood or wire.

We have a special floor system (we hold 2 patents on this floor), which provides your dog with molded in food and water dishes, water refill on a timer, and a self-flushing drain. No need to bring food, bowls, or bedding because we provide it all.

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