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Dr. Boyd's Pet Resort | Yard Angle 1
● 2147 San Diego Ave | San Diego | California | USA
● Phone: +1 619-260-6060

With conscience and uncompromising attention to detail and a complete disregard for trendy convention, we will provide the perfect pet experience: interaction, not isolation; dens, not kennels; care, not bored-ing.

And, by forever altering the expectations of concerned and loving pet owners everywhere, Dr. Boyd’s most certainly will be your first choice for your pet’s second home.

At Dr. Boyd’s we are here to accommodate you! That means we run on your clock, not ours. Our straightforward, 24-hour pricing starts when you arrive, and you only pay our overnight stay rate for each 24-hour period your pet stays with us. Check in when you like, and check out by the same time the next day for only one night’s charge!

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