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Thales Pub Magazin Non Stop
Str. Liliacului Fn | Falticeni | Jud. Suceava | ROM
Phone: 0741 053 764

With fine music and bohemian ambiance, the Thales Terrace has earned a special place in the preferences of the Falticenians, in search of relaxation and socialization. The concerts, now traditional, hosted at Thales, unforgettable events, bring a spot of color to the Falticen city.

Along with impeccable service, welcoming staff and diversified offer that invites you to come back, Terrace Thales provides free wireless internet access to customers.

The decoration draws attention to the luxury and sophistication of the surroundings, combining style and comfort in one place. Lots of wood, mirrors, futons and cushions give the touch of glamor to the environment. The new space follows the model of the best countrys clubs in the world. "Everything at Thales has been carefully thought out to offer customers the very best.

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