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Metro Club
Zelena St, 14 | Lviv | L'vivs'ka oblast | Ukraine
Phone: +380676704243

Metro Club is democratic, progressive club that combines in a single dancing young people around the world. It is constantly evolving, updated, guided by international standards of service and organization of the institution as a whole. The Club attended by many guests (DJs and performers) from Ukraine and around the world.

The largest dance floor "RedPhone". There are seats (with VIP seating), dancing, music style is - the best pop music of the European charts.

Because the club is positioned as an international, among its visitors many foreign students and tourists from Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and others. Four years ago appeared every year is gaining great popularity project transvestite show "Nikita and Lolita." This unique and exclusive only in Western Ukraine choreographic show with professional staging.

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