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Hotel Alexander Caorle
Lungomare Trieste, 65 | Caorle | ITA
Phone: +39 0421 82019

The origins of this island date back to the 1st century BC: it is a commercial and military port, Caorle has been linked to this activity over the centuries, knowing periods of economic flourishing, as the Republic of the Serenissima flank, and Periods of decadence caused by the many war conflicts he had to face in the past.

The 900 was a century of great changes for Caorle: thanks to the remarkable works of land reclamation surrounding the island and the urbanization of the country, Caorle was able to exploit its resources and an economy predominantly based on Fishing and agriculture, has gone to a tourism-centered economy.

Despite the profound urban changes resulting from economic development, its "fisherman's" aspect has remained unchanged over time.

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