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Everglades Holiday Park
Florida | Fort Lauderdale | 21940 Griffin Road | USA
Phone: (954) 434-8111

The most cosmopolitan of tastes can be accommodated in Fort Lauderdale. Here you'll find over 22,000 restaurant seats-not counting fast-food and carry-out establishments. Treat your taste buds to the international flavors of Chinese, French, Italian, Mexican or Jewish.

And, of course, the very finest of American cuisine is readily available with irresistible fresh-from-the-water seafood, which includes numerous varieties of fish as well as clams, mussels, oysters and lobster. Restaurants are broken out into their main category of cuisine. For example, seafood restaurants may serve American food, but are only listed under Seafood Restaurants & Crab Houses.

But perhaps the region's most famous belly up to the banquet includes All You Can Eat! steamed hard-shell crabs. Not only is the food delicious, but the prices are right. Bring your appetite to Sea For Yourself.

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