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Dna Lounge Nightclub | Cam 1
375 Eleventh Street | California | San Francisco | USA
Phone: 415-626-2532

Approximately-weekly updates of all the behind-the-scenes machinations that make this club go. We spent most of 2001 remodeling the DNA Lounge from the ground up, and here's a description of the result!

Here you will find a complete specification of all of the audio gear installed in the club. What would a nightclub be without blinky-blinky things? We've got some really great ones. Here you will find information on all of the permits that one needs to legally operate a nightclub in San Francisco, as well as information on how to operate an audio webcast legally.

Since we're running a rather high-tech club here, we've written a bunch of software to keep it all running. And we're giving it away. In here you'll find code related to the audio and video webcasts, the kiosks, and anything else.

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