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Dick's Drive In Restaurants
Washington | Seattle | 4426 Second Avenue NE | USA
Phone: (206) 323-1300

Dick's shakes are made the old fashioned way. You won't find machine-made shakes at Dick's, only hand-dipped and individually whipped for truly smooth texture that you just can't get out of a machine.

Dick's Drive-In Menu: Grilled Yellowfin tuna loin, vegetable ratatouille julienne, parsley root, horn of plenty mushrooms and sweet onion broth, green asparagus tempura.

Roasted Maine skate wing and caramelized endive with saffron, Mr. Daignault's young fennel, grilled Portobello mushroom and blood orange "à la minute" confit with rosemary, sautéed rapini. Roasted Bas-du-Fleuve saddle of lamb and light skirret purée, sautéed hedgehog mushrooms, Mr. Daigneault's Japanese artichoke and organic carrots.

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