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Deventer Schouwburg
Deventer | Leeuwenbrug 2 | NTL
Phone: 0570 – 683 555

Theater Deventer Schouwburg is situated in one of the historic sites in Deventer, in the heart of the North Mountain Quarter, corner Papenstraat and Klooster. The building dates from the 14th century and was part of the Klosterkomplex at that time. Since 1848, 'The Vereeniging has been established to promote the flowering of all crafts or subjects related to construction'.

From 1980 the building is used as theater and restaurant. Traditionally, the building in the city is known as 'the Architecture', hence the name of Theater Architecture. Downstairs is the restaurant and on the upper floor is our theater room.

Where else can you take as close to the fire as a visitor? Where else does the artist get such a direct response? With a very diverse programming, Deventer Schouwburg brings nationwide leading theater, cabaret and music productions to Deventer.

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