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Deining Castricum Aan Zee BeachClub
Zeeweg 20 | Castricum aan Zee | NTL
Phone: 0251 674101

Sun, wind, clouds and silent air. The Scheveningse restaurant Seinpost serves not only pure seafood but also stimulates all the senses. After all, who can keep his eyes off the fascinating beach and sea panorama, admiring from every table, thanks to the very relaxed atmosphere, even the sun shines on the plate.

Under the inspiring leadership of Gert-Jan Cieremans, the most exquisite fish dishes are prepared for you. For those who absolutely do not like fish, there are some meat dishes on the card and there is also a daily changing vegetarian menu.

Sommelier Karel van Herp guarantees an excellent wine selection, in harmony with our culinary offerings. A grip from Seinpost's map: Tuna of raw tuna, poached calf liver and smoked beef mice (MRIJ) fl 32.50. Grilled red mullet and fried salted cod just brandade, fried eggplant and olives vinigraitte.

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