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De Buren Van Nes BeachClub
Nes Ameland | Strandweg 70 | NTL
Phone: (051) 954 25 24

The nicest piece of De Buren Van Nes you'll find at Neighbors. An American style restaurant on the Strandweg near Buren near Camping Kiekduun. Decorated in a classic fifties style, De Buren Van Nes is the perfect setting for a delicious lunch, a tasty dinner, a happy drink or a great party.

The Experienced Kitchen Brigade of De Buren Van Nes produces delicious daily lunches and dinners. So if you're looking forward to a good meal, visiting De Buren Van Nes is a great idea.

Meat, fish or vegetarian, each recipe is made with taste, including super Amelander and seasonal ingredients. Specialty: our own Amelander lamb. For lunch, the beachclub has an American-style card with pancakes, soups and, of course, a fantastic grillburger.

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