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Colon Beach Bar
Tenerife | Playa De Las Americas | 3402 Linden Place | SPA
Phone: (718) 358-5467

You can find us every night at restaurant /bar Colon Beach from 8.00pm until 11.30pm. The bar is situated in Puerto Colon beside the harbour opposite the beach in Playa de las Americas. Les and Donna have been resident in Colon Beach since January 2003, previous to this we worked 2 years in cafe new york, 3 years for Parque de la Paz Hotel, before this we worked for a year in Deborah´s bar, also on the cabaret circut and for many other bars too all over the island.

There is now cabaret and they are always keen to get fellow musicians up to play. The kitchen is open all day until we close at midnight.

Always something enjoyable happening. We have a friendly bunch of staff aswell which helps to create a great atmosphere.

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