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Chiosco Bar Ai Pini
Lido di Jesolo | Via Bucintoro, 14 | ITA
Phone: +39 0421 362327

The Chiosco Bar ai Pini is situated in the northern side of Jesolo, 35 miles from Venice, near Cortellazzo. The Chiosco was founded in 1956 by Luigi Bincoletto (read the story) and now managed by his son Flavio and his sister Maria Grazia.

They created a cozy place just on the seaside, where you can find not only fresh drinks and hot dogs: it’s a meeting point where you can sit under the palms’ shadow or laying on the green and getting to know other people.

On main festivities they hold dancing parties in the evening while, on other nights, it’s a calm and romantic place where you can chat with friends, listening to good music and hearing the sea waves sound.

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