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Chez Pitu Praia Hotel
RJ | Armação dos Búzios | Praia de Geribá | Avenida Geribá, 10 | BRA
Phone: 0800 724 6460

Go for some different this summer and experience one of the most special places in Brazil. Less than 100 yards from the popular "João Fernandes" beach this is the right spot for your next holiday. Whether you are after water sports, nudist beaches, or just the friendly fun Braziliam atmosphere you will not be disappointed.

We have luxury suites and 2 bedroom apartments with 1 bathroom. Even a 3-year-old does not pay, sleeping in his parents' room. The rates start at 14:00 p.m and end at 11:00 p.m. Depending on the occupation we are flexible at these times. Please check the reception 24 hours before departure.

Upon receiving the confirmation you must deposit 50% of the total of the reservation in the bank and account that will be indicated, paying the balance directly in the reception of the hotel (send Fax with the receipt of the deposit).

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