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Cheam Sports Club
Peaches Close | Cheam | Surrey | SM 7BJ | UK
Phone: 0208 240 3500

As immigrants flocked from around the world to the mines of the reef, it was Charles Glass who struck real gold. In the dedicated pursuit of the perfect taste, he would wheel his barrow through the rapidly growing mining villages, keenly observing the various reactions to his different brewing recipes, he eventually hit upon a taste that won unanimous acclaim – Castle Lager!

This season, Castle Lager is continuing the Beer League, set up last year, for all the clubs in the Surrey Championship. The Beer League gives every club the chance of winning £750 towards a party of their club’s choice.

As was the case last year there will be two awards, one for the clubs with larger memberships and one for the clubs with smaller memberships in order to make the opportunity open to all clubs. The winners of the Castle Lager Beer League, 2017, will be announced at the end of the season dinner.

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