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Celler Sa Sini Pizzería Restaurante
Santa Maria del Camí | Illes Balears | Plaça Hostals, 20 | SPA
Phone: 971 62 02 52

Main menu: Shrimp: To the cream of manioc, fan of grilled mango and straw manioc. Chateubriand: Grilled, with green pepper sauce, garlic linguine and oil and tomato stuffed with gorgonzola. Conger to Portuguese: Cooked with vegetables and olive oil. Fillet steak with funghi sauce: Peas in butter and mashed potatoes.

Chicken fillet with asparagus: Grilled with lemon sauce. Fillet of salmon with wild fruit sauce. Grilled: Fillet of salmon in steam. Topped with white and black sesame seeds, with vegetables. Linguini with seafood. Hake of Cambucú to the caiçara. Grilled with peppers, tomatoes and onions, with rice.

Sea star salad: Lettuce, arugula, watercress, shrimp, squid and kani with passion fruit sauce. Green salad Lettuce, arugula and croutons with herbs sauce. Trip to the sea: Shrimps, octopus, squid and shellfish, with varied herbs in nest of noodles and concassé sauce.

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