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Carom Cafe
Carom Cafe Billiards | Cam 1
New York | Flushing | 3402 Linden Place | USA
Phone: (718) 358-5467

Carom offers exclusive coverage of Carom Corner's US 3-Cushion billiards tour. Here, you'll find all of the information you'll need to keep you in touch with the rapidly expanding 3-Cushion game in the United States.

We'll keep you informed about the latest tournament schedules, results, and tournament news. In addition we'll bring you interviews, video tapes, and much more. You may have heard people say that 3-Cushion billiards isn't easy. Although many claim that it is one of the most difficult cue sports, everyone seems to agree that it's easy to have lots of fun playing at any level.

3-Cushion billiards is not pool. It is a game played on a pocketless table (5 feet by 10 feet) with only three balls (red, white and yellow). The object of the game is to use your cue ball (white or yellow) to hit the two remaining object balls - being sure to contact at least 3 cushions before contacting the second ball.

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