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Cafe Einstein | Cam 1
Vienna | Rathausplatz 4 - 1010 Wien | AUT
Phone: +43 1 4052 626

Having a meal: Rolls (white, wohlemeal, salty, Brown bread, Croissant, Butter, Roll spread with butter, Apricot jam, strawberry jam or honey, Egg - directly from the farm, boiled, fried or scrambled. Roastbeef – with tartar sauce Port. Smoked ham - with fresh horseradish Port. Ham Port. Fried bacon Port. Cheese Port. Fruit-muesli - with milk or yogurt. Yogurt.

Mug of milk, Pot of coffee or tee for breakfast, Black tee with milk or lemon, Camomile tea, Peppermint tea, Rose hip tea and Fresh orange juice 1/8l. Mug of coffee or tea 1 roll (wholemeal roll, slice of brown bread) and croissant butter, jam and honey.

Mug of coffee or tea, bread basket (roll, wholemeal roll, brown bread and croissant) butter, jam and honey, boiled egg roastbeef, smoked ham and cheese.

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