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Buffalo Trace Saloon | Cam 1
Kentucky | Frankfort | 113 Great Buffalo Trace | USA
Phone: (502) 696-5926

Buffalo Trace is the only distillery whose structures represent three centuries of our nation's history. Boasts 12 of the industry's largest fermenters (89,962-gallon capacity each), and a four-story still tower.

Buffalo Trace is the only distillery using five recipes for whiskey productstwo rye, one barley, one pure rye, and one wheatand the only Kentucky distillery that produces vodka (which is the only vodka produced from organically grown grain) and has the broadest range (four to 20 years) of aged whiskey of any U.S. distillery.

Unique to Buffalo Trace Distillery is its computerless still house with three operating stills. You will learn about the history of Buffalo Trace Distillery, experience a century old aging warehouse, and visit our hand bottling hall.

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