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Boucan Canot Hôtel Restaurant
Saint-Gilles-les-Bains | 32, rue Boucan Canot | FRA
Phone: + 262 2 62 33 44 44

Gastronomic restaurant: Renowned as one of the great restaurants on the island, the restaurant proposes, through its different lunch and dinner menus, its creole specialties as well as French cuisine, fine and inventive.

Fresh Palmade salad, cordial Dorade paved with parmesan cheese, filet of Vivaneau confit, grilled lobster, all the reasons to enjoy even more the pleasures of the Indian Ocean. Grill room: Colored salad or fast grill, space privileges the relaxation and the freedom, in terrace as inside.

Booking conditions: We do not confirm reservations until we receive a deposit. Representing 30% of the total stay. For reservations not canceled (by fax, mail or email) within 48 hours of the expected date of the stay, the hotel reserves the right to retain the deposit paid as compensation.

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