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Bob's Grill | Cam 3
New Jersey | Ocean City | 1368 Boardwalk | USA
Phone: (609) 399-3438

Appetizers - Maryland crab dip: Our own special blend of crab meat, cream cheese and chives, topped with melted cheddar, served in a bread boule'. Spinach artichoke dip: Fresh spinach mixed with Pompeian artichoke hearts, garlic and cream cheese served in a bread boule'. This stuff is much better than it sounds.

Jerk chicken strips: Tender chicken breast, cut into strips and marinated in Caribbean jerk seasoning, grilled to perfection. Served with a creamy honey mustard dressing. Spicy jalapeno poppers: Whole jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese, served sizzling hot. We'll throw in a little salsa and sour cream to cool things down.

Douggie D's belt bustin' nachos: Don't try it alone. Really big. This one is really rude. Easily feeds 4. A huge pile of Tortilla chips, mounds of refried beans.

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