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BKI Kiezinternat Hamburg
Hamburg | Gro├če Freiheit 10 | GER
Phone: +49 40 30238653

On January 1, 2002, the BKI club space will be under new management. The programming and promotion for the new club network of Molotow Club, Meanie Bar and Yoko Mono Cafe/Bar will be handled from our central offices.

The BKI will be closed for renovations during the entire month of January 2002 and will reopen on Jan. 31st. The Main Bar will also be closed for the first 2 weeks in January during this renovation period. The renovations we are planning in January 2002 are designed to improve conditions for artists (and our guests) at our shows.

Integrating multi-functional club/bar spaces to sustain and propogate innovative Live bands and DJ culture in the independant inner city of Hamburg-St.Pauli. Our nightclub network includes a Cafe/Bar, DJ nightclub, off-beat cellar bar and live concert/dance club space and promotes events and club DJ interaction.

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