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Bierfass | Pontão | Lago Sul
Distrito Federal | Lago Sul | Pontão do Lago Sul | BRA
Phone: (61) 3364-4041

Our environment, designed by the architects is totally oriented to the pleasure of tasting good wines. An environment that reminds you of the best wine regions in the world, decorated with lavender, rosemary and olive trees, cozy furniture, and more than 1500 labels for the most demanding palates.

We invite you to participate in this wonderful and complex wine world at Bierfass. Its members will receive at home, monthly, three bottles of wine chosen according to a theme and accompanied by information, explanations and curiosities about the wines.

One of the best things about the wine world is its variety. There are innumerable possibilities of aromas and flavors, with nuances sometimes subtle and sometimes striking, that differentiate the producers, the grapes, the regions, and finally the wines.

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