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Beer Barrel Saloon | Cam 1
Ohio | Punt-in-Bay | 324 Delaware Avenue | USA
Phone: 419-285-BEER

Beer Barrel Saloon has for years been the venue for island music. Mike "Maddog" Adams, Pete and Wayne, Calabash, Paradise Island and more of your favorites are back for another season. Click above to get a look at their 2017 Entertainment Schedule.

The bar is home to island favorites Jady Kurrent, Shucking Bubba Deluxe, Pieces of Eight, Disco Inferno, Zero Rain, Chrome, The Jack, Jeff Gurney, Alex Bevan, John Salamon and many more.

Have a Great Breakfast. Barrel's, located right next door to the Park Hotel, serves a hot full breakfast. Later in the day, visit Pasquale's for excellent Italian cuisine or dine al fresco on our patio at our island chicken barbecue.

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