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Bar Albatros
Malaga | Benalmadena | Avda Telefonica | SPA
Phone: unavailable

This profile provides you with the opportunity to keep an eye on the goings on within the bar itself via a real-time Barcam (webcam). Unfortunately this does not include a capacity to join in the bingo - sad but true. Nor will you be able to participate in the quiz unless you can lip-read!

Jim & Alan and staff welcome you to the official Bar Albatros Gobefore Profile. A unanimous decision was taken (no doubt by Alan) that it was probably unwise to be heard as well as seen.

For those looking forward to their first visit, and those of you with trouble remembering all the details, here is a brief outline of what Bar Albatros is all about. The rest of you can feel free to wander off at this point and glue yourselves to the webcam, or get writing in the guest book. Enjoy!

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