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Ay-Danil Hotel | Cam 1
г. Ялта | пгт. Гурзуф | п. Даниловка, ул.Лесная, 4 | UKR
Phone: +38 0654 33 53 40

Ay-Danil is a year-round health resort with a capacity of 650 seats, located at the foot of a mountain ridge, on the Black Sea coast between Gurzuf and the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. The climate is dry with a predominance of sunny days in the year.

The average annual temperature is + 13 ° С. The sanatorium is located on the territory of the park-monument of 30 hectares including a relic mozhevelnuyu grove. Sanatorium complex consists of a sleeping building (15 floors, an elevator), connected by a transition with a medical 4-storey building.

Next to the sleeping building is a modern outdoor swimming pool with heating area of ​​720 sq.m., equipped with various medical functions. Works all year round. Skok "Ai-Danil" is a structural subdivision of OJSC "Mariupol Metallurgical Combine named after Ilyich".

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