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Aqua-Tur Park | Cam 2
78-400 Szczecinek, ul. | Szczecińska 2 | POL
Phone: 94 372 96 28

Modernization and expansion of SPA Zone is one of our main plans for 2015. We have decided to abandon the classic solariums. Soon they will disappear for good. They will successfully fill up with them - Sunny Meadows, top European KLAFS brand.

If any modernization plans are successful then our SPA Zone will soon be as follows: Saunas, Solar Meadows, steam bath, ice-cold water tub, Jacuzzi, massage chair and total change of appearance - are plans but backed by several years of preparation.

This is obviously a view, but we do not hide that this is our goal. We hope that the SPA Zone is so popular among our clients, and those who have used it so far will continue to do so - with even greater pleasure.

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