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Amaks Hotels | Premier Hotel
Орджоникидзе ул., 43, г. Пермь | Perm Krai | RUS
Phone: +7 (342) 220-60-60

Amaks Grand Hotels is the largest Russian national hotel chain operating on the domestic market of hotel services in Russia. At the moment the company owns fourteen hotels located in the Russian regions.

The strategic goals and objectives of the company are the development of a modern and competitive hotel network in Russia and beyond, as well as the development, popularization of existing and the creation of new tourist routes in the domestic and inbound tourism market in Russia.

Amaks has set itself the goal of creating a hotel chain in Russia, united by a single brand, a high level of quality, a system approach to the reconstruction and development of hotels, and the preservation of national traditions of hospitality. The company develops in practice the principles of the existence of hotels in the chain, taking into account the specifics of existence in the Russian conditions.

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